"MOTOKANE" Deba Kurouchi (Butcher Knife) Aogami No.1 Laminated Steel, 150mm

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★★★ Three HONMAMON Stars (link)

    • Made in Japan! (Tosa) Double Bevel and Available for Both Right Hander and Left Hander.
    • Handmade by Tosa Craftsmen by Japanese Traditional Techniques!
    • Edge of Blade : That famous Aogami Steel 1 ! Very Sharp and Cut Well!
    • Beautiful laminated steel.
    • Kurouchi with rough appearance, but you can feel the Tosa Craftsmen Spirits!
    • Blade Length 150mm(5.9inch), Length : 280mm(11inch), Weight : about 235g(8.3oz)
    • Deba is used for fish filleting and chopping meat without bones.


    Japanese knives became much thinner as it has evolved to become sharper. However, it is much harder and more durable than many of the kitchen knives in the market as it uses high-carbon material. The key to making a thin yet strong blade is the technique of forging hard steel and soft iron together, which was developed through Japanese katana making. By combining the hard steel with more resilient and softer iron, the knife can better withstand the impact. That is why our kitchen knife is thin and sharp yet unbreakable and unbendable at the same time. It is also easy to sharpen.
    As our kitchen knife is very sharp, we recommend that you use a chopping board made of unfinished soft wood. Wash, wipe, and let it dry after use to keep it clean and hygienic.
    By sharpening regularly, the product lasts for a long time. Contact us for the maintenance or if you need any assistance. 

    What is kurouchi knife?

    Kurouchi knives retain the scaly residue left from the forging process, meaning that the residue works as coating on the carbon steel to prevent from rust.
    The finish of Kurouch reduces reactivity on carbon steel knives, and give the knife a very characterful, rustic aesthetic prized by many knife enthusiasts.
    Kurouchi finishes vary widely in appearance, uniformity, and durability. Rarely do pictures do these finishes justice as they have a very complex look and feel to them.
    Of course you need to sharpen the edge everytime after using it even if the Kurouchi coating works for the sides of blade.


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