"KIYOKANE" Santoku Hocho 165mm, Aogami No1 Steel, Kurouchi Double Bevel Japan

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  • SIZE: Blade Length 165mm(6.5inch), Length 315mm(12.4inch), Thickness of spine around 3mm(0.12inch) , Weight 150g(5.3oz)
  • Edge of Blade : Aogami No1 Steel (Blue Paper Steel) which contains High-Carbon. Hardness :around HRC61 +/- 1., Cut Well!
  • Double Bevel. Available for both Right and Left Hander
  • Made in Japan! Tosa) Handmade by Tosa Craftsment! Kurouchi : Rough Appearance, but you can feel Tosa Craftsmen Spirits!

It is a knife blacksmith made by traditional style. Aogami No1 steel is a superlative steel for professional knives. so it is extremely sharp and sharpness last longer.  However,it gets rust easily so it needs maintenance .