Kitchen Knife Santoku 180mm Powder Heiss R2 HSS & whetstone #1000 for HSS

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  • Length of a blade:180mm(7inch), Total length:305mm(12inch), Weight:170g(6oz)
  • Hardness:HRC63, Blade material:powder Heiss R2, Cuts Well and its Sharpness Lasts Long!
  • Stone Size : 200mm(7.9inch)×75mm(3.0inch)×30mm(1.2inch), Weight : 800g(28.2oz)
  • #1000 grit, Made in Japan. Good for Powdered High Speed Steel and Aogami Super Steel Kitchen Knife
  • As the knife is handmade, it could have some small scratches, flaws or bent. We do not recommend this for those who do not like those small irregularities. We recommend this to those who really understand the merits of handmade product by Japanese craftsmen. We will not accept any return requests and claims on the above points for this product.
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