Gyuto (Chef's Knife) VG10 Damascus & Hammered Pattern

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★★ Two HONMAMON Stars (link)
  • Made in Japan!
  • Blade Edge: VG 10 and cut well. Resistant to rust!
  • Double Bevel and Available for Both Right Hander and Left Hander.

 This super sharp VG-10 Japanese stainless steel knife is constructed with VG-10 super steel for the middle core and clad with 2 layers of soft stainless steel outside. This design could increase toughness, improve stain resistance, easier to sharpen and prolong knife life.


Blade Length : 180mm(7.1inch), Whole Length : 300mm(11.8inch), Weight : 150g(5.3oz)

Item no. 4573200705878


 Blade Length : 210mm(8.3inch), Whole Length : 335mm(13.2inch), Weight : 184g(6.5oz)

Item no. 4573200705885


 Blade Length : 240mm(9.4inch), Whole Length : 370mm(14.6inch), Weight : 227g(8oz)

Item no. 4573200705892