Aluminum High Quality Attache Case for Kitchen Knives

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★★ Two HONMAMON Stars (link)
  • Size: 460mm×170mm×100mm
  • Storable for 6 knives. Storable up to total length 400mm
  • With key, Available for both Western and Japaese Kitchen Knives
  • Made in Japan, Very Good Quality Aluminum Deluxe Attache Case
  • Widely used by Professional Cooks and in Cooking Schools
  • Not including knives, Just for sample image.
<Rugged, Lightweight and Durable>
The Deluxe Aluminum Knife Attache Case is designed for the chef on the move and serves as a perfect storage option. Whether you're taking your cutlery and culinary accessories to your next cooking class, or if you are a chef going to your restaurant, you can be assured that your cutlery will be protected and safe. This Deluxe Aluminum Knife Attache Case features 2 knife compartments that hold up to 6 knives. The case also includes locks with 2 keys.

Item no. 9991165