"HANAKUMAGAWA" Pruning/Gardening Shears Type B 200mm(7.9") with Leather case, Made in Japan

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  • One Hand Pruning Shears. For right hander.
  • Type B = Thick Blade (Clam Shape) Good for cutting larger twigs
  • Handmade by Japanese Craftsmen with Traditional Japanese Techniques!
  • Blade Material: Carbon steel, Cut Well and Tough!
  • Whole Length : about 200mm(7.9inch) Able to cut Twig Diameter about 18mm(0.7inch), Weight : about 240g(8.5oz)
  • Leather Case


As for the scissors, all processes are made by a Japanese craftsman. whole bodies of scissors were heat treated. This special process manufacturing adds extra strength and durability. Type B has thick blades. Perfect for cutting thick branches or hard branches.