Deba (Butcher Knife) Shirogami For Left Hander

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It is made by Japanese craftsman.
Blade Material used by Shirohagane(White steel).The feature of this steel is cut well and easy sharpening.

For Left Hander (Single Bevel).

Handle material : Cherry Blossom Tree.

Good for Cutting Fish, Meet with Bones!

The picture shows knife of 165mm.

Size description for each one:


Blade Length 105 mm(4.1inch), Whole Length: 220 mm(8.7inch), Weight: 115 g(4.1oz)


Blade Length 120 mm(4.7inch), Whole Length: 235 mm(9.3inch), Weight: approx. 142 g(5.0oz)


Blade length 135 mm(5.3inch), total length: 260 mm(10.2inch), weight: approx. 174 g(6.1oz)


Blade Length : 150 mm(5.9inch), Whole Length : 280 mm(11.0inch), Weight : approx. 235g(8.3oz)


Blade Length 165 mm(6.5inch), Whole Length: 305 mm(12.0inch), Weight: approx. 270 g(9.5oz)


Blade Length : 180 mm(7.1inch), Whole Length : 325 mm(12.8inch), weight : approx. 323 g(11.4oz)