"KIYOKANE" Santoku Kurouchi (Multi-Purpose Knife) Aogami Super Steel

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It is a knife blacksmith made by traditional style. 

(Tosa) Handmade by Tosa Craftsment! Kurouchi : Rough Appearance, but you can feel Tosa Craftsmen Spirits!
Aogami Super Steel is a superlative steel for professional knives. 
so it is extremely sharp and sharpness lasts longer. 
However,it gets rust easily so it needs maintenance .

Edge of Blade : Aogami Super Steel which contains High-Carbon. Hardness : around HRC64 +/- 1, Cut Well!

As Aogami Super hardness is extremely high, it is hard to grind and we recommend the knife for just those who know well about Japanese kitchen knives and sharpening.

Double Bevel. Available for both Right and Left Hander

Use : Meat, Fish.Vegetables, Fruits

The picture shows knife of 165mm.

Size description for each one:


SIZE: Blade Length 165mm(6.5inch), Length 315mm(12.4inch), Thickness of spine around 3mm(0.12inch) , Weight 150g(5.3oz)


SIZE: Blade Length 180mm(7inch), Whole Length 340mm(13.4inch), Thickness of spine around 3mm(0.12inch) , Weight 150g(5.3oz)